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Dudu-Osum Shampoo is the African solution for silky, lustrous locks. Enriched with moisturizing pure honey, shea butter, Osum extract and aloe vera juice for a simple way to enjoy exquisitely nourished hair! Say goodbye to the other shampoos full of preservatives and harsh chemicals. This 100% natural shampoo helps to relieve dandruff, heal itchy or irritated scalp, eliminate chemical residue and replenish your hair`s natural moisture. 8 oz.

DuDu Osum Conditioner is made with anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil, healing African Neem oil and herbs. Restores moisture, prevents breakage, and detangles and adds shine. Ingredients: Pure honey, shea butter, Osum (camwood), Potassium Palkernelate, sodium Palm Kernelate, glyceride, aloe vera, lime juice, lemon juice, neem oil, tea tree oil, water, and fragrance. 8 oz. (226.6ml). Best results if left in hair for 30 min before rinsing out.